Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
RPiHobby MiniDC

Hello Everyone,

To be honest I am not sure what all is going to be as content (mostly RPi stuff) here. I am huge proponent of small computing meaning Raspberry Pi’s, Rock PIs and such. I finally got OpenWRT to work on my CM4 w/companion board, it is actually very nice and works very well.

I also have 17 Raspberry Pi’s/Rock Pi’s that I use to experiment with. Right now they are configured as (4) 8 gb PIs w/Pimox installed, (3) Rock Pi’s with 4 gb ram, w/Docker, (5) 2 gb PIs w/Docker, (4) 4 gb Raspberry Pi’s w/microk8s & 1 CM4 based Raspberry Pi w/a seeed carrier board.

I am going to try and learn ya sumpin’ with step b step articles to make somethings work on Raspberry Pi’s. I will also be posting some other things that I have learned along the way and they may not be Pi related just a fair warning is all. I appreciate your time and I hope you enjoy your stay here with us. Thank you for stopping by…Have an awesome day folks!

By Michael Cooper

Senior Systems Engineer | 30 years in IT | RPi Hobbiest

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